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Skeet field of Mollet

In Mollet is undoubtedly the best field of Tiro de catalunya, only its bad organization, I will explain. If one is ready to throw on court A, he has to stick to the big early morning and at 9 in the morning is already complete, on court B, there are always a lot of Club Societies, and it is very difficult to catch the day that you can throw in it, in the C field, you have to share the Pit with the Skeet, a series of each, when they want since there are many Sundays that are dedicated to the Skeet, also when you share it you find there are no parasols, and if it were not enough on the B and C courts, while you wait to throw you have to stand, since there are only about half a dozen chairs, something deplorable for an Olympic field, as good as it is, even if I repeat it just fails the organization, hopefully over the years will realize that we are many fans that we can only go on Sundays and take us into account.

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