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Field of Shot to the Plate of La Sènia

A small field in facilities but large in extension of grounds, with Universal Trench "ROBOT", but you can have a good time, the only bad thing is that every year for the People's Festivities organize a roll in which they are always the same the members of the Hunters' Society, there are trophies of leftovers. I have been trying to participate for several years, but they never left me. It was always the same Mr., who tells me that I can not, which I do not understand. Festival Program puts "Local Roll to Plat", does not explain anything to be a member of the club, if I went to the Village only to visit you would understand but I am almost Senienc, and now that I have 12 Years that is my residence, that we are going do if you want everything for them to keep it and goodbye.
Just one more note in these 12 Years living in the Sènia no longer try, because I'm retired from the sport of Shooting Plato.

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