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This is the page in Toni2

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   Shooting range of Molins de Rei
   Shooting range of Mollet
   Shooting range Arjona
   Shooting range of La Sènia
   Shooting range of Can Pique
   Shooting range of Ulldecona
   The creator of these pages
   Pages of R.C.D.Espanyol
   La Senia Pages
   A survey Skeet

The creator of these pages

As you can see in almost all the photographs I am the creator of these pages, a great fan of the Plate Shot, but only in the sport, not the competition, since at the moment I am not up to being able to compete, although every day I try to overcome a little more and with time I hope to do it, for now and until I know enough for high competition, I dedicate myself to the practice as an amateur. And now I put these pages that is my other hobby, I hope you like them. Later on, I will try to make them more complete and to schedule competitions-details of more fields, and anything that may be of interest to the fans and professionals of the Shot to Plato. Regards and thanks for holding so much roll.
Now I do not update these pages, because 12 years ago I hang the shotgun and leave this nice sport of clay, thank you for what you continue and continue to be a great sport.

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